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The Benefits, Uses and Types of Lotus Floral Absolute Oil and How to Use it

The Benefits, Uses and Types of Lotus Floral Absolute Oil and How to Use it

Lotus Flower is known to be the symbol of purity, grace, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth in many different cultures especially the eastern religions. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for us humans: even when its roots are in the dirty, muddy water, Lotus blooms into a beautiful pure flower inspiring us humans to rise above human suffering, overcome negative energies and circumstances in the same way by moving from the lowest to the highest state of consciousness.

The Lotus Flower is a divine aquatic plant with a wide connection with the Hindu mythology as it is associated with the goddess of wealth. Its oil was utilized by ancient Egyptians during funeral ceremonies to help guide kings and priests to a higher spiritual level. The reason behind this is that the symbol of lotus flower seems to be perfectly representing the motion of energy as it moves throughout the body from the root to the crown chakra through the pineal gland. Hence, it’s also associated with the power of creation.

It is widely believed that lotus floral absolute oil encourages tranquility, reflection and meditation and helps activate and cleanse the pineal gland and refreshes one’s karma. Lotus oil helps us with our spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Due to rich quantity of antioxidants, it helps treating different skin problems.

Types of Lotus Floral Absolute Oils

Blue Lotus Floral Absolute Oil

uses of lotus floral absolute oil

Blue Lotus Floral Absolute Oil creates the mesmerizing blend of sweet botanical aroma.Blue lotus was also called “The Sacred Scent of Cleopatra” and was the absolute oil worn behind her ears.Our blue lotus floral absolute oil is extracted from the petals of blue lotus through solvent distillation method.

Uses of Blue Lotus Floral Absolute Oil:

It is extensively utilized in the perfume industry for the various aromatic products, for example, scented candles, room fresheners, perfumes and many more. It is also utilized for spiritual awakening and medicinal purposes.

Benefits of Blue Lotus Floral Absolute Oil:

Blue lotus floral absolute oil is broadly used by aroma therapists to providerelief from stress, anxiety and absent-mindedness. It has a sweet flowery smell. The blue lotus oil has amazingly alleviating and calming properties and is effective for stress, tension, and irritability. It is notable for providing relief from muscle cramps and gives a euphoric sensation.

White Lotus Absolute Oil:

types of lotus absolute oil

White Lotus Floral Absolute Oil is extracted from the delightful blossom of white lotus by utilizing the solvent extraction method. The white lotus is mainly found in sloppy lakes but it is considered as a sacred blossom in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Uses of White Lotus Floral Absolute Oil:

White Lotus Absolute Oil is enriched with the relieving and calming properties, thus, it is broadly utilized in aromatherapy treatment centers to provide immense relief from stress, anxiety, depression, irritation and numerous different issues.

Benefits of White Lotus Floral Absolute Oil:

It is useful in driving away negative energies and aides in promoting peacefulness, spiritual reflection and meditation.

Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil:

pure lotus floral absolute oil

Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil is extracted from pink lotus by utilizing thesolvent extraction method.

Uses of Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil:

The Pink Lotus Oil is enhanced with therapeutic properties and widely used for aromatherapy, spiritual awakening and creation of different perfumery products.

Benefits of Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil:

Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil helps to promote peace, tranquility, and calmness for the body, mind and soul.

Amazing Benefits of Lotus Floral Absolute Oil

Any absolute oil that is extracted from a flower symbolizes knowledge, purity and serenity. The same applies to lotus oil as well. This absolute oil contains rich amounts of antioxidants that help in treating different skin problems as well as improving concentration and appetite.

Though the benefits of lotus floral absolute oil are plenty, the most prominent ones include:

Improves Skin Texture

Who doesn’t want a glowingskin? Skin, being the outermost and largest organ in the body, is exposed to contamination, ecological pressure, allergens, and other destructive elements.

Yet, you might not know that you can have normally shining skin when both your body and brain are healthy.

No big surprise lotus absolute oil is utilized as one of the key ingredients in numerous health and skin care products. Its aroma as well as its therapeutic properties makes it an absolute component in those products.

Generally, lotus has been utilized for getting smooth, glowing skin. You can simply add a drop of lotus absolute oil in your body creams or back rub oil. Since Lotus oil is suspected to cause pigmentation, it is in every case best to add it in a minimal quantity.

Relieves Stress

Hectic lifestyle and an unhealthy eating regimen are the two main reasons for stress nowadays. Besides, the way your body and mindresponds to a situation likewise has both positive and negative impacts.

In any case, the sweet smell of lotus oil causes you to conquer pressure just by breathing in. To beat pressure, you can either massage the diluted lotus oil or diffuse it in the room using a diffuser.

Gets Rid of Acne

Skin break out is one of the most embarrassing issues among individuals. It is often a hormone related issue and can happen in any phase of life.

In fact, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, inflammation and scars can happen anywhere in the body.

Healthy home-cooked nourishments, regular exercise, and an occasional delicate massage may assist you with getting rid of skin break out over time. Dodge processed foods, sugars, and fats for faster healing.

The astringent, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of lotus absolute oil make it an amazing solution for getting rid of acne.

Overcomes Insomnia

When there is anxiety, a human brain primarily stresses during the night time. It frequently figures out the day problems during the night.

Adding to this, the glare from cell phones, PC screen, TVs, and different gadgets suppresses melatonin production, making it hard for you to sleep.

Work pressure, inappropriate eating routine, agony, stress, and anxiety disturb the sleep. If you feel tired throughout the day or if you begin worrying about your sleep, then you perhaps have Insomnia.

But the good news is lotus absolute oil helps you to ease anxiety during the night. It loosens up your body and mind, letting you sleep peacefully.

Aids Weight Loss

Lotus oil helps you to shed pounds and deal with the weight after weight loss. Traditionally, lotus blossoms were utilized in teas to help weight loss. There are very few scientific studies on this aspect of lotus oil.

However, many anecdotal bits of proof have indicated the role of lotus absolute oil in weight loss.

Though we highly recommend you to consult a professionalaroma therapistin person if you use the lotus absolute oil for weight reduction.

How to Use Lotus Floral Absolute Oil?

Topical Application:

Lotus absolute oil is safe to use topically. However, utilizing undiluted oil may cause pigmentation. Hence, always make sure you utilize the oil in higher dilution. We recommend you to always to perform a patch test before you use the oil.

Add 1 or 2 drops of lotus floral absolute oil in 2 tablespoons of Jojoba Oil. Apply it on the affected regions gently during the night. You’ll find significant improvement on your skin in a few weeks.


Always make sure you diffuse the oil using a vaporizer or a diffuser. Do not use the oil in a congested place.

You can inhale the aroma of the oil by diffusing it in a room before you meditate. 


For massage mix it with your favorite carrier oil (9 parts to 1 ratio). Do not use undiluted on broken skin or irritated skin. A skin patch test is always recommended for those with sensitive skin. If Irritation occurs, discontinue use. If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition seek advice before use.

Wondering where to buy pure Lotus Floral Absolute Oil?

Now that you know the various type of Lotus Floral Absolute Oil and their mesmerizing benefits, go ahead and try it yourself.

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