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Absolute Oils 101 – All you need to know about Absolute Oils

Absolute Oils 101 – All you need to know about Absolute Oils

Absolute Oils have been around for a long time back but their popularity has grown amazingly over the past few years. Absolute oils are normally the most strong, concentrated, and fragrant of all fragrance based treatment oils. Though essential oils are normally extracted through steam distillation, absolute oils require the utilization of solvent extraction or all the more customarily, enfleurage.

Absolute oils are usually utilized inside fragrant healing perfumery and can likewise be weakened and utilized similarly as some other essential oil. They are a lot thicker and gooier than natural essential oils and should be utilized in lower fixations because of their more grounded aroma and helpful forces.

We all have an idea of how absolute oils are amazingly beneficial for our over wellbeing. They are even used extensively in perfumery. But what exactly are absolute oils? How are Absolute Oils extracted?

What are the Absolute Oils?

Absolute oil blends are a combination of pure plant essences and natural oils. Our absolute oils here at Aromachology are made in controlled, sterilized environments, and leave no residue behind. This ensures that these highly concentrated absolute oil blends are safe for the mind, body, and spirit.

The aroma obtained from an absolute oil is closer to the original plant product than the aroma from essential oils produced through distillation. Since absolute oils are highly concentrated, even a little quantity goes a long way. Absolutes are also quite expensive to produce because the plant parts used for producing them usually contain little oil.

How are Absolute Oils Extracted?

The delicate nature of many flowers makes steam distillation, not the best procedure to extract fragrant oil because the intense heat destroys the flowers, causing them to become compacted into a solid mass that steam is unable to penetrate. And if the steam is unable to move freely through the flowers during distillation it is impossible to extract the oil.

To address this issue a unique cycle called solvent distillation was built up that doesn’t harm the fragile blossoms and catches unquestionably a greater amount of the flowers’ true aroma than is conceivable with steam distillation. Also, since this cycle doesn’t utilize any warmth or water, none of the significant water-solvent fragrant mixes are lost as they are in steam distillation. This implies a higher quality is obtained from a plant while producing absolutes as opposed to extracting the oil by steam distillation

Do Absolute Oils work?

Of course, they work.

Absolute Oils are highly popular and valued in the perfumery industry for offering the most potent and concentrated form of natural fragrance.

Absolute Oils for Skin:

When absolute oils are applied to the skin, their potent plant-based natural compounds are absorbed by the skin, giving all-natural benefits to the largest organ in our body (skin!) Ayurveda (ancient science of medicine originated in India) recommends various kinds of massages with a variety of oil to get the best natural benefits of plant oils.

However, as absolute oils are highly concentrated we recommend you to always use to with a carrier oil.

Absolute Oils for Mind and Soul:

Natural aromas are extremely powerful tools for your mental well-being. They can relax us, calm our mind, uplift our mood and as they say, fragrances are stored in our memories taking us back in time when smelling a similar scent again. We all have experienced this at some point in our life – how a smell can remind you of your mother.

Inhaling aromas of natural absolute oils and even of pure essential oils can stimulate the limbic system in our bodies, which is responsible for our emotions, behavior, memories, etc.

Hence absolute oils are an excellent natural remedy to balance the mind and soul.

Absolute Oils used in Perfumery:

Absolute oils are really popular in the perfumery industry and aromatherapy for their natural aroma. They are concentrated and highly aromatic which makes them a popular choice in creating fragrances.

The most popular natural absolute oils used for making perfumes include Rose Oil, Jasmine Oil, Tuberose Oil, Geranium Oil, Orange Flower Oil, and Clary sage Oil.

Not only do absolute oils help in getting rid of foul odors, but they’ll actively work to try and get rid of the germs and bacteria that caused the germs in the first place. Hence, you’ll get a longer-lasting scent and less odor.

How to choose the right absolute oil?

After getting to know such amazing stuff about absolute oils, you must be wondering with so many oils available out there, how to pick the best natural absolute oil?

Most of the companies claim their absolute oils to be natural and pure, but they seldom are. Unfortunately, many companies already mix the absolute oils with carrier oils to sell them at cheaper rates. It is important to know how you can find the best natural absolute oils that are certified and are of the highest quality.

You may refer to the following while choosing absolute oil:

  • Purity: Go for oils with natural compounds, with no chemical additives. Make sure to check the botanical name of the plant they are extracted from.
  • Quality: Solvent extraction is the best way to extract absolute oils. Always go for natural absolute oils extracted through solvent extraction.

Aromachology offers a high quality of 100% natural absolute oils at the best rates. We are one of the leading suppliers of natural absolute oils across the globe. We provide pure, certified natural absolute oils at wholesale rates.

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