Angelica Root Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses

Angelica Root Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses

Angelica root essential oil has been historically used in aromatherapy all over the world, especially in Asian countries. This amazing essential oil is now a popular choice in a variety of cosmetics due to its numerous benefits for the skin. If you have heard this name multiple times but are still unsure what is all this hype about Angelica Root Essential Oil, then you have come to the right place, we are here to answer all your questions about natural angelica root essential oil.

The botanical name of Angelica root essential oil is Angelica archangel

What is Angelica Root Essential Oil?

 Angelica plants have globe-like clusters of green or yellow flowers that blossom into small yellow fruits. This plant has a strong aroma and hence can be easily identified. To make Angelica Root Essential oil, the roots of this plant are dried and then steam distilled to extract the aromatic essential oil

Where does Angelica Root Essential Oil come from?

This plant originated in Africa but now is also grown in Northern Europe. It is also widely grown in some parts of Asia.

What are the benefits of Angelica Root Essential Oil?

This miraculous oil has a lot of health as well as skin benefits.

Helps with digestive issues

Some evidence suggests that angelica root essential oil has calming and soothing benefits on the stomach and treats various digestive problems like dyspepsia, nausea, flatulence, acid reflux, and vomiting.

Reduces Anxiety

The aroma of angelica root oil is warm, musky and woody which is very calming for the nervous system. It brings great peace to the mind and relaxes the body, reducing stress and anxiety.

May have anti-cancer properties

Angelica root essential oil has anti-proliferative effects. This oil also has furanocoumarins that may have anti-cancer properties. In simple words, it reduces the growth of cancer cells.

What is Angelica Root Essential Oil used for?


Angelica root essential oil flushes down toxins from the body. It also detoxifies the skin. It enhances blood circulation and helps reduce pigmentation and puffiness, giving a never before glow to the skin. Due to its outstanding skin healing properties, this essential oil is a major ingredient in a variety of high-end skincare brands. Don’t believe us? You can check the labels yourself.


When applied on the skin, it has the properties to calm any redness and soothe. It also prevents breakouts.

Adds glow

Angelica root essential oil is the perfect natural remedy for adding shine and radiance to otherwise dull and tired skin.

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