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Experience the true magic of nature through our steam distilled essential oils

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Aromatic oils that offer the densest of aromas. Elevate your senses with these therapeutic grade floral absolute oils

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I bought Indian Rose oil on a whim and it is my absolute essential now. The fragrance was soothing and reminded of me of a luxurious spa.
Alison Smith

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Purchased violet pure floral absolute in wholesale. As a procurement coordinator for a perfume company, my team was also very satisfied with the quality. Definitely coming back for more.

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Essential Oil for Bulk Supply & Wholesale - Aromachology


Welcome to Aromachology, we are leading suppliers of natural essential oils. Nature is full of mesmerizing aromas that are present in leaves, petals, stems, barks, etc in the form of aromatic compounds. These compounds when extracted, capture the true ‘essence’ of the plant, hence called essential oils. We offer 100% natural essential oils, premium absolutes, and cold-pressed carrier oils in bulk at wholesale prices to a wide range of consumers like aromatherapists, relaxation spas, and also to manufacturers of natural skin care products, handmade cosmetics, perfumes, hand sanitizers, candles, soaps or for even using as diffuser oils.

At Aromachology we have a catalog of more than 200 products available at the best prices to help you grow your business with us.  Aromachology-Essential oil wholesaler is the preferred supplier of many leading brand-name manufacturers, and even start-ups, many of whose finished products are  popular brands. We offer a wide variety of essential oils & all our products are natural pure 100% organic like Natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and Base Oils,  Hydrosols, Natural Flower Oils, Traditional Indian Attars, Floral Absolute Oils, Certified Organic Oils, Exotic Oil Dilutions, Therapeutic Massage Blends, Spice Oils, Aromatherapy Oils

As experts in natural scenting, we carefully curate aromas that deliver experiences for mind, body, and soul. You can place your order online or email us on [email protected]  You can also buy natural aroma oils on Whatsapp. Use the no. in Contact Us section to place an order through Whatsapp