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What is the difference between Essential oils and Absolutes?

difference between essential oils and absolute oils

Essential oils vs Absolutes

Have you walked down various stores looking at essential oils as well as absolutes, wondering, hmm… what’s the between the two. (Did you catch the rhyme there? Please say you did :P) We have all been using essential oils and absolute oils interchangeably without giving it a much thought that how are these two different from each other, or are they? Has the thought that why is there a stark difference in prices of essential oils and absolutes intrigued you? Yes? We’ve got you covered with a detailed description of essential oils vs absolutes? Our aromatherapist will also explain why absolutes are worth having in your aromatherapy collection.

Different extraction methods of aroma oils: Steam distillation vs solvent extraction

One of the primary difference between absolutes and essential oils is their method of extraction. Due to this, essential oils and absolutes coming from the same plant and even the same plant part can have different characteristics. Let’s first try and understand these two methods of extraction.

Steam distillation method of oil extraction

It is one of the most widely used ways of extracting oils from roots, flowers, stems, leaves of plants. This is a fairly simple technique and has been used since ancient times to obtain aromatic oils. The process of steam distillation includes putting the raw material in a vat with water first. The heat breaks down the plant and its aromatic compounds are released as vapour infused with the ingredient’s essential oil. The vapour is then collected and condensed. Later, water is separated from the oil. The collected oil is then all bottled up for usage. Most essential oils are made using this method.

Solvent extraction method of oil extraction

Some plants like jasmine, are too delicate and hence they can not be heated. In this process, there is no usage of heat, steam or water. Rather the raw material is submerged in a solvent where the aromatic compounds are released. The solvent is then removed, leaving behind a fragrant, and highly concentrated mixture known as an absolute. Since they are so highly concentrated, they often smell closer to the plant.

Essential oils vs Absolutes

While essential oils are mostly extracted using steam distillation method, solvent extraction is used to extract absolutes of plants. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy, medicinal purpose, with diffusers, for cosmetics and skincare products. They are used to heal depression, stress, anxiety and calm due to their aromatic properties. Historical texts across the world, be it India, China, Greece, find details and uses of essential oils for various ailments as well. Uses benefits of essential oils in skincare and haircare has led to a drastic demand for these oils in the natural beauty industry across the globe.

Absolutes on the other hand are extremely concentrated (way more than essential oils) and hence are used in perfumery. They are so highly concentrated that you wouldn’t believe, it takes almost 300 roses to produce one drop of absolute, crazy right? That fact itself justifies and explains the price difference in essential oils and absolutes. Absolute like oakmoss absolute oil, Neroli absolute oil, Tuberose absolute oil, Ylang ylang absolute oil are some of the most popular absolutes used in aromatherapy as well. Since they are so high in concentration, thy should never, and we mean every letter of the word, never be applied directly.

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