Steam distillation

Steam distillation of essential oils – one of the most popular and oldest methods of extracting essential oils from the flowers, roots, stems or even leaves of various plants. 

This age-old technique is simple yet very effective. In this process, respective plant parts are put in large boilers and are then subjected to high temperatures.. In this procedure, volatile compounds are volatilized, The same is later condensed and collected in receivers. 




Advantages of steam distillation of essential oils:

  • The most widely used technique of essential oil extraction.
  • Comparatively less expensive and easier to set up. 
  • Completely natural process and no chemicals are used in this process. 
  • Boiling water causes motion of plant into distilling flask, which leads to improvement
    heat transfer.

Disadvantages of steam distillation of essential oils:

  • Not able to extract the compound completely
  • Some plants are susceptible to high temperatures and thus can’t be used in this process
  • It is a slow process. On the other hand, it needs fuel, a large area and

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