Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed Oils

Quite literally as the name suggests, the cold-pressed method of carrier oil extraction involves mechanically pressing various plant parts to extract the oil. 

We have all witnessed this method in our households while making citrus juice. It is also known as Expression or Scarification.  

It requires putting the botanical in the machine and mechanical pressure is applied to it. The pressure forces to break the oil sacs.The collected oil then runs down the collection area.

The whole botanical is pressed at once to collect the oil. 

This collected oil still contains some remains of the respective botanical part and needs to be purified of it. The centrifugation method is used to separate the two and to then obtain pure natural carrier oil. 

This method is usually used on fatty fruits such as olives. They have plenty of skin, hair and overall health benefits. 

 Cold-pressed oil benefits:

It involves no external application of heat and thus no potent parts are affected whatsoever. Whatever heat is generated, it is generated naturally inside the fruit. This is crucial to note as certain plants end up losing their actives due to high heat. Our expert team knows when to use which mechanism to obtain the best quality oils. 

Diagram explaining cold-pressed method of carrier oil extraction

cold pressed extraction of oils

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