Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction method is a popular choice to extract high quality absolute oils / perfume oils. 

There are a variety of plant parts that are too susceptible to heat and using any heat-based distillation method like steam distillation might damage their actives. 

This is where the solvent extraction method comes to the rescue.

This method is also popularly called as Liquid–liquid extraction or partitioning. It primarily involves using two solvents that don’t mix together.

To extract oils using this process, a perforated tray is filled with plant parts like flowers, roots, leaves, stems, seeds etc and then a food-grade and absolutely safe solvent like Hexane is added to it. The botanical material of which the oil needs to be extracted is repeatedly washed with this solvent. 

This is how premium quality perfume oils / absolute oils are produced that are extremely rich in the actives thus leading to a superior aroma. 

It is not just the quality that is on the higher side, even the yield is much higher than other processes. 



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