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5 Benefits of Betel Leaf Essential Oil

benefits of betel leaf essential oil

If you have ever visited India or have just attended a big fat Indian wedding you would have come across a very interesting after meal dish called ‘paan’. As refreshing as it is with a burst of flavors in your mouth, essential oil prepared from paan leaves is equally exotic in its aroma. We’ve got exciting 5 Benefits of Betel Leaf Essential Oil for you.

What is Betel Leaf Essential Oil?

Betel Leaf Essential Oil is primarily oil extracted from the famous ‘Paan’ leaves or botanically known as Piper betel, this particular plant is a member of the pepper family Piperaceae. These leaves have tremendous cultural significance in Asian countries, particularly in India. It is used in temples as an offering to gods and godesses. Betel leaf has detoxifying properties and is a must have for all auspicious occasions. Along with Betel leaf, its essential oil has gained popularity in recent years.

How is Betel Leaf Essential Oil made?

Betel Leaf essential oil is made through the process of steam distillation using leaves of Piper betel. Young leaves give the highest yield. The oil is medium brown to light yellow in colour. The odor is quite sharp and the taste might be bitter to some.

What are the various uses and benefits of Betel Leaf Essential Oil?

5 Benefits of Betel Leaf Essential Oil

Helps with loss of appetite

Massaging Betel Leaf essential oil on stomach or even inhaling it using a diffuser or steamer helps release toxic gases from the body and aids digestion. It gets rid of worms within the stomach like hookworms and tapeworms, which could diminish appetite.

Eases inflammation

Betel leaf oil’s cooling properties along with the abundance of vit C present in this oil reduces inflammation when applied topically mixed with some carrier oil like Sweet Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil. Regular massage with this oil also reduces various kinds of pains like back pain, joint pain etc.

Reduces Gum problems

Betel leaf essential oil is a natural remedy for gum problems. Mix a few drops of this amazing oil in your gargle water and get rid of all problems related to gums. As a bonus, you will also get fresh breath. You shouldn’t be surprised at that one since betel leaf itself is a mouth freshening course in India.

Refreshes the mind

Betel leaf essential oil is natural ayurvedic way to ease muscle pain. Prepare a refreshing bath by mixing a few drops of this oil along with other carrier oils in water and soak all your worries away. Betel leaf essential oil is known in aromatherapy and this way you get to create your mini spa without spending a penny, you can thank us later! 😉

Aids earache

Betel leaf oil is often considered a good remedy to ease earache. Mix a few drops with coconut oil and apply. Notice how the pain just vanishes.

We do recommend doing a patch test or consulting a professional before trying any remedies.

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