Carrier oils

What are Carrier oils?

Carrier oils are oils derived from plants. They are mostly used to dilute essential oils and as the name suggests, carry them on your skin. Most of them do not interfere with essential oils’ therapeutic properties. They are also used otherwise to nourish the skin and hair.

How to select the Carrier oil you need?

It might get tricky to pick the right carrier from the plethora of options available out there, be it about choosing carrier oils for soaps, lotions, moisturizers, massage or even for serums, selecting the right oil is crucial to target the concern. It is always a good idea to think about the odor, skin type, absorption properties of oil while making this choice.

What is the difference between cold-pressed carrier oils and normal carrier oils? Coldpressed carrier oils vs normal oils

Cold-pressed is a traditional technique of extracting oil from seeds, nuts, and fruits without using external heat. It ensures the potent nutrients remain intact. Organic Carrier Oils are used for the manufacturing of various skincare products like lotions, soaps, cosmetics, and creams.

Where can I buy natural cold-pressed carrier oils in wholesale online?

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