How To Dilute Essential Oils

how to dilute essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and we are here to teach you how to dilute Essential Oils. They provide us with a sweet fragrant pharmacy full of remedies and the delights all aspects of our lives. This is an extraordinary fact. We already know the earth provides us with food and water but to realise as well that nature offered a huge variety of plant essences capable of solving so many problems and in addition giving us so much Joy- well that is something to rejoice about.

Learn How to Dilute Essential Oils

Since essential oils are so concentrated, it is important to dilute them before use. So here I have put together all details you might need to know to understand the dilution of essential oils.

Standard dilution is considered at 3 to 5 drops per teaspoon that is 5 ml of carrier oil. This variation takes into account people’s differences in terms of their size, age, medical history, and well-being for a chronic condition. Start with a lower number of Essential oil drops and adjust upwards if necessary. If the condition is acute start with a higher number of drops.

The term dilution percentage refers to the volume of Essential oil with respect to the volume of carrier oil.

In a clinical setting essential oils can be used in DILUTION upwards of 5 % and can be used and diluted depending on the health condition being treated. A 5% solution equals approximately 5 to 6 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil depending on the size of the drop. In a clinical setting, the practitioner would understand the client’s needs including any health issues that condition and personal oil would be specifically tailored for the client. In a spa setting, medical conditions are not treated, a pre-prepared oil for relaxation for example, might contain 1 to 2% of Essential oil, although if a personal blend is being made for a specific client that percentage might rise to between 2.5 to 5%.

Essential Oil Blending Chart

You will be surprised to know that the order in which ingredients are listed and formulas for blends is not arbitrary. It is very natural to assume that the Essential oil with the greatest quantity is listed first running down the formula with the least amount at the end. This is not the case. Rather the oils are listed in the order they should be blended. Start with the first oil name and continue down the list adding in the number of drops for each as suggested. The sequence has to do both with the intended purpose of the plant and how particular essential oils interact with each other in the particular formula which would be to do with the relative weight physical consistency, chemical consistency or vibrational frequency.

How to Mix Essential Oils

Blending is an art. There is no doubt about that! In carefully considered and calculated Essential oil blend, a synergistic effect takes place making the end result more than the sum of the parts.

Blending essential oils for therapeutic applications is an entirely different process than blending for perfumery or fragrance purposes, which is characterized by the base, middle and top notes. For healing purposes Essential oil is assessed on the therapeutic properties it contains, that are applicable to the condition of symptoms of oil is being blended for the major part of the plant should address the most problematic symptom and any other essential oils that could be doing that help for example with accompanying psychological issues to find any instruction by being antibacterial or antivirus, in other words, there are levels to healing and the art of blending involves incorporating essential oils, working synergistically together address these different levels at the same time.

Mastering Essential Oil Blending

When all essential oils have been put together in a small bottle, put the top on the bottle and roll it between the palms of your hands, rather as creating a vortex in the bottle, allowing all molecules to be thoroughly blended. When adding the Essential oil blend to a carrier oil do the same thing again – Roll the bottle between your hands but this time followed by shaking the bottle well. If you watch essential oils as they first drop into carrier oil, you can see them quite distinctly as having a different consistency and often a different colour. By adding a blend or a single Essential oil into the carrier oil it is easy to judge and control the aromatic strength of your blend and ensure the odour perception is what you wanted to achieve.

Final Thoughts on How to Dilute Essential Oils

How essential oils are handled is important. The healing potential of essential oils is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic frequency and to the positive and negative emotional energy of the person handling it. Preparing a blend with any negative emotions may not result in the desired output. At the very least try not to let your own personal thoughts and emotions intrude while blending for others. Just focus your mind on the intended objective in hand.

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