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11 Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil

11 Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil.

If you have been curious about gardenia essential oil then you are at the right place because we have put together 11 benefits of gardenia essential oil for you.

Gardenia is a flowering plant and is closely related to the coffee family. Shocked? Right? It is widely grown in tropical as well as sub-tropical areas, especially in Africa and Asia but it is historically considered native to China. The plant is in form of shrubs that are comparatively smaller and grow about 1 to 15 meters tall. The botanical name of this flowering plant is Gardenia jasminoides. It has been popularly known as chizha is Korea, zhizhi in China & kuchinashi in Japan. You would be surprised to know that it’s not just the flowers of Gardenia but even its fruits are widely popular, particularly in Chinese culture where it is renowned for its medicinal benefits,

Difference between Gardenia Essential oil & Gardenia Absolute Oil

The natural aromatic compounds of gardenia are extracted through either steam distillation or through solvent extraction. Depending on the extraction method, the output is termed as Essential oil or Absolute oil. While both oils are 100% Natural, Absolute oils are more concentrated. Essential oil is used for aromatherapy, making candles, cosmetics, spas, etc, gardenia absolute oil is used mostly in perfumery. Some of the very famous gardenia perfumes include Gucci flora, Tom ford Velvet, Jo Malone Oud & Gardenia Absolute. My personal favorite is Gucci flora, it’s my ultimate go-to fragrance for summer. Instantly transforms me to spring break. While it is an absolute treat for the nose, let me talk about 11 Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil now.

Spread fragrance like Gardenia, it does even when it is faded


11 Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil

1. Gardenia jasminoides Oil Enhances Mood

It is a popular choice in aromatherapy. It is known for it’s anti-depressant properties and the ability to reduce stress. Burn some of this oil in a diffuser, add to your bath or simply apply a diluted version on your wrist for an instant pick-me-up. It will elevate your mood and bring a sense of joy.

2. Fights Free Radical Damage

It is considered to be anti-inflammatory in nature due to the high quantities of anti-oxidants present in it! It can reduce the chances of diabetes and even bring down the cholesterol levels.

3. Reduces Obesity

Some international studies have shown evidence that pure gardenia essential oil can balance weight, reducing excessive fat gain. It does so by regulating the metabolism. Geniposide is a compound found in the oil which is popular for reducing insulin levels.

4. It Calms the Digestive System

According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of three doshas, Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. When Pitta increases, it creates uncomfortable feelings in the stomach making us feel acidic and in some cases even feel a burning sensation. Gardenia has acid-neutrilizing properties. As a result it eases these uncomfortable feelings and soothes the digestive system.

5. Gardenia Essential Oil Prevents the Growth of Infections

It not only is a preventative oil against various infections, it is also efficient in fighting them. The anti-viral compounds present in it reduces various respiratory infections and eases out congestion. By applying a mixture of gardenia oil with coconut oil on skin, you can prevent the development on any further infections on the skin.

6. Strengthens Immune System

Gardenia Essential Oil fosters the production of white blood cells, and creates an extra layer of protection, thus empowering the body to fight various irritants.

7. Gardenia Essential Oil Improves Memory

Oil of Gardenia has compounds that that help strengthens memory by suppressing any immune-related genes. A true wonder of nature.

8. Popular for reducing Kapha & Vata

Popular in Ayurveda with the name of Dakamali, it is often used in powdered form to ease stomach worms and balance the effects of Kapha and Vata dosha.

9. Prevents the Development of Bad Odour

Gardenia has a sweet, floral and fresh aroma. When diffused properly, it eliminates any bad odour and creates a pleasant aroma in thr room. It uplifts the mood and creates positive energies in any space.

10. Gardenia Essential Oil Releases Pain

The anti-inflammatory properties, help reduces any aches. Just mix a few drops of natural gardenia essential oil in sessame oil and massage over any sore muscles to see its magical effects.

11. Boosts Blood Circulation

Gardenia Essential oil has stimulating properties that improve blood circulation and ends up providing more oxygen to all parts of the body.

Final Notes:

I hope these 11 benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil helped you understand this amazing oil better. Just always make sure that you follow all precautions while using the oil. Also, always use 100% Natural Gardenia Essential oil which is free of any chemicals and additives. If you are looking to buy 100% Natural Gardenia Essential Oil in bulk at wholesale prices then do check out our products. Our Gardenia Essential Oil is premium quality and gives the best results. Order now!