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Essential Oils 101- All you need to know about essential oils

Essential Oils 101- All you need to know about essential oils

Essential oils have been around since ancient times but their popularity has grown tremendously over the last few decades. Due to the increasing side-effects of modern-day medication, pure & therapeutic essential oils have become a natural alternative medicine choice that millions swear by across the globe. Since these are plant-based solutions, one of the key benefits of using natural essential oils is that they are designed to work in synergy with our bodies.

We have all heard about the incredible benefits of essential oils for our skin, mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. But what exactly are essential oils? How are they extracted? What are the benefits of essential oils? What are the right essential oils for you? Let’s dig deeper and understand the magical world of essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants through mostly steam distillation or cold-pressing (or sometimes through solvent extraction. They capture plan’t scent or flavor, or the true essence of it, hence the name ‘essential oil’.

Essential oils are volatile plant compounds in liquid form, most often distilled or extracted from the seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, peels, etc., of plants.

Since it takes a no. of plants to prepare a few drops of essential oil, these are highly concentrated in nature (given they are 100% natural ). People often mix them with carrier oils before using them.

Do essential oils actually work?

Short answer, Yes!

Natural essential oils are highly popular in aromatherapy. Mostly it is not recommended to swallow essential oils.

Essential oils for skin:

When essential oils are applied on the skin, their potent plant based natural compounds are absorbed by the skin, giving all natural benefits to the largest organ in our body (skin!) Ayurveda(Ancient science of medicine originated in India) recommends various kind of massages with a variety of oil to get the best natural benefits of plant oils.

Essential oils for mind and soul:

Aromas are extremely powerful tools. Natural aromas can relax us, calm our mind, uplift our mood and can even make us travel back in time. We all have experienced a particular aroma eliciting various memories- how a smell can remind you of your grandmother. Wondering how to create a memorable experience? Teasing the nose is the answer.

Inhaling aromas of natural essential oils and even of pure floral absolute oils can stimulate the limbic system. The limbic system in our bodies is responsible for our emotions, behavior, memories etc.

Hence essential oils are an excellent natural remedy to balance the mind and soul.

How to choose the right essential oils?

Now that you are probably excited about trying out essential oils, you must be wondering with so many oils available out there, how to pick the best natural essential oils?

Most of the companies claim there essential oils are natural and pure, but they seldom are. A lot pf companies already mix the essential oils with carrier oils to sell them at cheaper prices. It is important to understand how to find best natural essential oils that are certified and of highest quality (For your body deserves no less)

Refer to the following criteria while choosing essential oils:

  1. Purity : Look for oils with natural compounds, with no chemical additives. Always check for the botanical name of the plant they are extracted from.
  2. Quality: Steam distillation is an ancient and most natural technique to extract essential oils. Choose natural essential oils made through steam distillation

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