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Natural DIY Body Butter with Essential Oils

Natural DIY Body Butter with Essential Oils

Body butters are always your skin’s best friend, and to get one with a sweet stick scent would be like cherry on top. Luxurious and yummy holiday aroma and natural essential oils make this recipe a hit!

This DIY recipe is pretty easy to make as no heat is required. All you need is a handheld mixer to whip it quickly, and you’ll have your luxurious body butter ready. And you can get your hands on most of the ingredients through essential oil wholesalers.

Now let’s talk about the homemade body butter ingredients:

Shea Butter

The base for this DIY recipe will be shea butter which is a thick butter known for its rich and moisturizing properties.

Argon Oil & Jojoba Oil

These two carrier oils will help in softening the shea butter, making the body butter easier to apply to skin. Depending on your choice you can use either of them or even both of them, all we need is two spoons of your desired carrier oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil has a minty fresh aroma that is penetrating and cooling. This natural essential oil will help in reducing inflammation and promote circulation. Peppermint’s scent is not only refreshing, but at same time very energizing. You can get this oil from essential oil wholesalers at affordable rates.

Vanilla Absolute Oil

For the sweet candy-like aroma, we’ll be adding Vanilla absolute oil. This natural absolute oil has an incredibly heavenly aroma that is quite recognizable. This is not vanilla extract oil but an oleoresin that has been solvent extracted and is called absolute oil.

Peppermint Body Butter Recipe



  • Place Shea Butter in a mixing bowl
  • Add both Argon and Jojoba Oil
  • Add Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Add Vanilla Absolute Oil
  • Mash all ingredients with a fork
  • Mix with a handheld mixer for about 3 minutes until the oils are whipped together and fluffy
  • Transfer the final product to the mason jar and place the lid

How to Use Peppermint Body Butter:

Take a scoop of butter and apply to your skin as desired.

Natural Essential oils can be used in so many ways by adding ingredients like clay, charcoal and shea butter. When you combine the essential oils with the right carrier oils you will get amazing results for your skin. Also, it’s always wise to do a patch test before actually using it to make sure essential oil doesn’t react negatively to your skin.

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