Neem Oil

Neem essential oil is widely known for its ability to spice foods. Aromachology is a well known wholesale manufacturer of Neem essential oil at its highest quality. We use the steam distillation method to extract it from fruits of the neem tree also called Azadirachta indica for the best quality.

What does Neem oil smell like?  

It has a strong nutty aroma. Its smell is unpleasant but it has good healing power.

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Neem oil

The fruits and seeds of the neem tree, Azadirachta indica, are used to make neem oil. To make pure and natural Neem Oil, the fruits and seeds are pressed. The neem tree grows quickly and can reach a height of 131 feet. They feature white fragrant blooms and tall, pinnately-shaped, dark green leaves.

Neem trees produce drupes that resemble olives and have bittersweet fibrous flesh. They have a smooth appearance and a yellowish-white hue. An age-old remedy called pure neem oil has instant fixes for practically all issues. It is used for a variety of things, including commercial, private, and religious uses. To reap its advantages, use our Ayurvedic Neem Oil when making soap and scented candles.



Botanical Name Azadirachta Indica
Color Pale yellow to brown
Origin India
Extraction Method Cold-pressed
Source Seed

Neem Oil Uses

Making soap 

Making soap requires the usage of our organic neem oil. It can trap moisture into your skin and has exfoliating properties. You may avoid skin conditions like inflammation and disease by using neem oil in your soap. Neem Seed Oil-based soaps are excellent for your skin’s health. 


Pure neem oil can help you stay focused and peaceful while calming your mind. These qualities can be applied to aromatherapy to help you unwind and clear your mind of stress. You must apply for our pure Neem oil benefits through massage treatment or diffuser. 

Hair Care Items

Nutrient-rich natural Neem oil benefits from us and encourage hair development. For conditioned, smooth hair, use it in conjunction with your regular shampoo. The hair is kept strong, healthy, and free from split ends thanks to neem essential oil.


NaturalNeem oil benefits create a barrier around the skin when it is applied to it. Our best neem oil has a high concentration of antioxidants that shield skin from UV ray damage. Free radicals that might cause skin conditions are neutralised by it.

Making Candles

Making candles can be done using our best neem oil. After you light the candle, the smell, which is similar to peanuts, energises the surroundings. The scent of Neem oil benefits serves as an insect and mosquito repellant.

Neem Oil Benefits

Treatment for Pimples & Acne 

Pure Neem Oil can be combined with daily skin care products. Neem Tree Oil offers therapeutic qualities that support healthy skin. It treats minor wounds, pimples, and skin inflammation. It treats acne and feeds our skin with nutrients. 

Treat blackheads and scars 

Best of Aromachology’s neem oil for hair works as a natural treatment for pores and skin tissues. Scars get better pretty soon. Additionally, it aids in clearing up blackheads brought on by acne or pimples. Unwanted skin pores are filled with organic neem tel. 

Defends Yeast Infections

For its potent anti-microbial qualities, our natural neem oil for hair is renowned. Any infection brought on by bacteria or fungus can be cured by it. Two times per day, apply the oil to the troubled areas. The infection will be cured, and any scars left behind will be removed.

Eliminate Dandruff

Most people today experience dandruff on a regular basis. However, massaging our organic Neem Oil into your hair and scalp will eradicate any dandruff that is already there and stop it from coming back in the future.

Where to Buy Neem oil Online United States

Buy neem oil from Aromachology is a prominent wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter of neem oil for skin and other Carrier Oil in the USA. We provide Bulk carrier oils to our clients the carrier oils wholesale in their most refined forms. They don’t contain any additional chemicals, additives, or fillers. Additionally, they are free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and colours. They, therefore, prove to be perfect for daily use.

We use a variety of testing and quality controls to make sure that only Premium-Quality and Ayurvedic neem oil for skin reaches you. To get desired usage results, the highest levels of quality and packaging are used.


Where to buy neem oil?

Shop at Aromachology, one of the USA’s top wholesale suppliers, producers, and exporters of carrier oils like neem oil.

What is the purpose of neem oil?

Shop Neem oil is quite strong when it is pure. Use undiluted neem oil to spot and treat afflicted areas to cure moles, warts, fungal infections, acne, and other conditions.

Is neem oil suitable for aromatherapy?

Neem tree oil is frequently used in aromatherapy products to relieve stress and improve mental health. Neem is used to make medications that cure conditions like digestive issues, a blood disorders, diabetes, and arthritis because of its inherent medicinal potential.

Can I purchase pure Neem oil in bulk?

Yes, Pure Neem Oil may be bought in large quantities from Aromachology’s official website in packages.

Can we make soap with neem oil?

Products containing neem are proven to reduce redness and irritation in the skin that is inflamed. Neem soaps for the skin help moisturise and smooth out dry, cracked skin.

Is neem oil effective against mosquitoes?

Shop Neem oil mixed with coconut oil at a rate of 2% gave 96-100% protection from anophelines, 85% from Aedes, and 37.5% from Armigeres, but it had a wide range of efficacy against Culex species, ranging from 61 to 94%.

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