Calamus Essential Oil

Calamus oil is extracted from fresh roots or unpeeled dried roots by the steam distillation process. The extract is helpful as an herbal medicine for the treatment of nervous complaints, vertigo, headaches & dysentery.
Aroma: sweet, uplifting and refreshing for the mind

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Calamus Oil

A reddish-coloured aquatic plant with sword-shaped leaves and tiny, greenish-yellow flowers is the source of calamus essential oil. The entire plant has an odd but pleasant aroma. It is extracted using a steam distillation technique from fresh or unpeeled dry roots. As a herbal remedy, this extract is very beneficial for treating a variety of conditions, including vertigo, nerve pain, migraines, and dysentery. The essential liquid contains asorone, a carcinogen that can be consumed orally and induce convulsions, liver problems, and organ failure.

Calamus Essential Oil Uses

Possibility of Antispasmodic 

The anti-spasmodic qualities of calamus essential oil are well established. All types of spasms can be relaxed by it, but nervous spasms benefit most. As a result, this essential oil can be used to treat nervous system disorders, but only in very small doses. 

Possibility of Antibiotic 

Calamus Essential Oil serves as an antibiotic and prevents biotic growth because of its poisonous nature. Both inside and externally, infections can be fought using this characteristic.

A Possible Cephalic

This essential oil refreshes the brain. Calamus oil for hair stimulates brain connections and has therapeutic value in treating neurotic illnesses. Additionally, this oil is used to encourage and incite good thinking.

May Be Beneficial in Circulatory Issues

As a stimulant, calamus root oil may improve blood flow, allowing nutrients and oxygen to reach every part of the body. Additionally, this circulation encourages metabolism.

Calamus Oil Benefits

Focuses Your Thoughts

Calamus root essential oil was frequently used by saints and yogis who practiced meditation because calamus oil benefits say to keep them comfortable, calm, and focused during their yagna, or meditative trip. The calamus root oil‘s combination of stimulant and relaxing characteristics makes it perfect for enhancing mental clarity while also increasing mental focus, attention, and alertness.

Keeps Memory Sharp

Additionally, calamus essential oil has memory-enhancing properties since it fixes any damage to brain tissues and neurons, keeping your mind as attentive and sharp as possible. This is beneficial for people who have memory loss due to a variety of factors, such as ageing or stressful events.

Phrenic Nerve Protection

Being a nervine, calamus essential oil also contributes to the improvement of nervous system health. It is a revitalizing nerve tonic that promotes favorable effects for learning, alertness, focus, and memory capacity while helping to improve the neurological system. Additionally, calamus essential oil benefits aid in reducing and stopping toxic buildup in the brain and neurological system, assuring proper operation. Further, sweet calamus oil lowers the frequency of hysteric fits, epileptic fits, and other nerve disorders.

Facilitates Relaxation

Calamus essential oil is a sedative that also aids in sensations of relaxation, helping to promote a serene frame of mind effectively. Therefore, calamus essential oil is your go-to oil if you are feeling tense, upset, or anxious and are in desperate need of something to unwind and calm your chaotic mind!

Product Specifications

Botanical Name Acorus calamus
Color  Pale yellow
Odor Sweet
Blends well with  Rosemary, lavender, geranium
Origin India
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Source Roots

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What is the purpose of calamus essential oil?

Calamus is utilised for gastrointestinal (GI) issues such as ulcers and inflammation of the stomach lining despite safety concerns.

How is calamus oil made?

Steam distillation is used to obtain calamus oil. Separating the rhizome from the leaves allows it to dry in the shade. Fresh roots or dried roots that have not been peeled are used to extract the oil.

How is calamus oil used?

Some people treat specific skin conditions by directly applying the calamus to the skin.

What fragrance does calamus oil have?

Calamus oil has a lavender and tea tree fragrance.

Where to buy calamus oil?

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