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rosemary essential oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Our steam distilled rosemary oil is sourced from France and is 100% natural and pure. Widely used as a seasoning, rosemary is one of the most aromatic herbs and its oil has many health benefits. In ancient Greece, it was used to strengthen memory and its oil is known to increase brain function. Rosemary oil treats androgenetic alopecia by preventing a byproduct of testosterone from attacking your hair follicles, which is the cause of this condition. It is an excellent hair regrowth remedy. It also repels certain bugs and helps relieve muscular pain.



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Custom Blends

Customize Or Create Your Own Essential Oil Blend With Us Your Ideas. Our Fragrances. Infinite Possibilities.   Aromachology emerges at the intersection of nature and science to offer you products that transform your health and environment. With this as our guiding light we have emerged as a leading wholesale and supplier of bulk essential oils across […]

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Cold Pressed

Quite literally as the name suggests, the cold-pressed method of carrier oil extraction involves mechanically pressing various plant parts to extract the oil.  We have all witnessed this method in our households while making citrus juice. It is also known as Expression or Scarification.   It requires putting the botanical in the machine and mechanical pressure […]

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Co2 extraction

CO2 extraction is used to derive some of the most potent high-quality essential oils. It involves using supercritical carbon dioxide to extract premium quality essential oils. In this process, CO2 is highly pressurized under ambient temperature to the extent that it turns into supercritical fluid. This fluid is then further utilized to dissolve the actives […]

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Essential Oil Wholesaler

100% Natural essential oil wholesaler Creating magic for your senses Explore now Natural Essential Oils Shop now Cold-pressed Carrier Oils Shop now Natural Floral Absolute Oils Shop Now Shop Our Best Selling Oils Explore our customers favourite collection of oils for aromatherapy, candle making, soap making & perfumery online at bulk prices -4% Select options […]

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Best Essential Oils for your Zodiac Sign

Best Essential Oils for your Zodiac Sign

Essentials oils are the oils extracted from different parts of a plant (leaves, herbs, flowers, bark or roots) that contains the essence of the plant’s signature fragrance. The essentials oils can be breathed in, dabbed onto the skin, dropped into a diffuser or infused in a bath. Aside from delivering an irresistible scent, essential oils […]

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garlic essential oil

Garlic Essential Oil

Our Natural garlic essential oil is steam distilled from garlic bulbs. Garlic has been highly used since ancient times in various cuisines of the world. Garlic essential oil is widely used in the food industry for flavoring. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.  Few benefits of garlic essential oil are: It aids digestion, keeps a check on diabetes, heals wounds, controls the symptoms of cold.

Garlic essential oil blends with Rosemary, Cumin, Basil etc.

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camphor essential oil

Camphor Essential Oil

Extracted from the wood of the camphor tree through steam distillation, our all-natural camphor essential oil is used topically to relieve pain and skin irritation. It has a strong odor and can be easily absorbed through the skin.
Buy 100% natural Camphor Essential Oil at wholesale prices. We are one of the best supplier, exporter, wholesaler & manufacturer of Camphor Essential Oil. Shop for Camphor Essential Oil for aromatherapy.

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calamus essential oil

Calamus Essential Oil

Calamus oil is extracted from fresh roots or unpeeled dried roots by the steam distillation process. The extract is helpful as an herbal medicine for the treatment of nervous complaints, vertigo, headaches & dysentery.
Aroma: sweet, uplifting and refreshing for the mind

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