Attar Al Kaaba Hind Perfume Oil

Natural and pure Attar Al Kaaba Hind Perfume Oil ( ittar) is a type of concentrated fragrance oil that is derived from botanical sources. It is completely natural and the process of preparing Attar Al Kaaba Hind Perfume Oil dates back to ancient times. It is aged thoroughly to offer nothing but the greatest of aroma, making it an absolute favorite of the royalty of India. The rich aroma of attars balances the mind and body and takes one to an exotic land. It is also used as a perfume for chakra anointment as well as in lotions and other skin care and cosmetics. It is free from alcohol.

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Origin of Attar Al Kaaba Hind Perfume Oil : It is originated in India.

The aroma of Attar Al Kaaba Hind Perfume Oil : Woody, floral, sweet, spicy

Color : Brownish

Uses of Attar Al Kaaba Hind Perfume Oil : 

It is used as a base in perfumery products and the perfume industry. It is also quite popular in aromatherapy, cosmetics industry and natural skincare industry as well.


Know all about Attars (Ittars)

What are attars?

Attars are rare and precious concentrated perfume oils that are derived from botanical sources. Unlike mainstream perfumes, attars do not have any alcohol content present in them. The oils are generally distilled into a wood base such as sandalwood and then aged. Technically ittars are distillates of flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials such as baked soil over sandalwood oil/liquid paraffins using hydro distillation technique with deg and bhapka.

How are attars made?

Preparation of attars begins with collecting high-quality plant material which is then put in a large vessel along with some water in it. The mouth of the vessel is sealed with natural materials like clay. Another copper vessel with a spherical belly and long neck is used as a collecting vessel. The two vessels are then connected with a hollow bamboo tube. Once everything is ready, fire is lit under the first vessel and the distillation process begins. This goes on for a couple of weeks until the distiller believes that a significant amount of oil is received. This oil is then collected and is left to age. The aging process can take from one to ten years depending on the plants distilled and the desired outcomes.

What is the difference between perfumes and attars?

Attars are concentrated perfume oils but unlike mainstream perfumes, they do not have any alcohol content in them making them a completely natural product. Perfumes come in a spray packaging due to the alcohol content while attars are in oil form.