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Cedar Leaf essential oil or also known as Thuja oil has a very sharp smell and is often used in disinfectants. It also calms and eases infection. It has been used by Native Americans for its medicinal properties and hence is also popularly known as ‘Grandmother Cedar’.

Benefits of Cedar Leaf Essential Oil : 100% Natural Certified Non-toxic

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A yellowish, sticky oil known as cedarwood essential oil is made from the needles, leaves, bark, and berries of cedar trees. The most prevalent species of these trees in nature are Cedrus deodara, Cedrus atlantica, Juniperus Mexicana, and Juniperus virginiana, also known as Himalayan, Atlas, Texan, and Virginian Cedarwood, respectively. The cedar tree, which is native to cold climes, typically grows best in higher altitudes and mountainous areas. The cedarwood oil, which can be extracted via charcoal, cold compresses, or steam distillation, has both cosmetic and medicinal uses.

According to folklore, the ancient Egyptians used this oil to embalm mummies because of its sweet, woodsy, warm, and pleasant scent. They felt that the incense of this aromatic oil was potent assistance to guide them on their journey through the hereafter. In addition, this oil was employed by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and even Egyptians in cosmetics, fragrances, and bath and beauty routines.

Cedar Leaf Oil Uses


Cedarwood oil is a widely used component in colognes and aftershaves because of its calming, woodsy aroma. Apply lightly diluted cedarwood essential oil behind your ears, on your wrists, or under your arms if you want to utilise it as your personal aroma. Additionally, you can incorporate a few drops into existing items.

Treat Acne

As a spot treatment for zits, blackheads, or whiteheads, try applying cedarwood oil. Utilizing a cotton ball or swab, apply the diluted oil to your skin and let it sit there for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Additionally, you can incorporate cedarwood oil into commercially available remedies like lotions and various astringents.

Against Fleas & Moths

When applied topically, cedarwood oil aids in the repelling of fleas, ticks, and moths from people, pets, and textiles. If you’re putting the oil on your skin or on a pet, make sure to dilute it first. Additionally, bear in mind that some essential oils might be harmful to animals. Prior to putting it on your cat, dog, or another animal, make sure to consult a veterinarian.

Product Specifications of Cedar leaf oil

Botanical Name Thuja Occidentalis
Method of extraction Steam distilled

Cedar Leaf Essential Oil Benefits

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Being a potent sedative and mood booster, cedarwood essential oil aids in reducing stress and a host of anxiety symptoms, such as drowsiness, restlessness, chilly hands and feet, etc. Additionally, cedar leaf essential oil uses actively contributing to mood elevation and the promotion of feelings of hope and joy are relaxing and anchoring qualities. Simply add a few drops of this oil to a potpourri and unwind in the fragrant atmosphere. You can also use a few drops of this western red cedar leaf oil in a head massage to relieve tension and insomnia.

Improved Skin Health

Because cedarwood essential oil is a light carrier oil, products like face wash, toners, cleansers, or moisturisers infused with it serve to cleanse the skin of pollutants and excess oil, protect it from infections and germs, and reduce inflammation and peeling. The cedar leaf essential oil benefits from cedar trees are very helpful for treating eczema and seborrheic disorders since it contains numerous active components and has antibacterial qualities. Additionally, cedar leaf oil for skin protects the skin from oxidative damage, delays the appearance of numerous indications of ageing, and bestows the gift of radiant, crystal-clear skin.

Grows Hair More Quickly

Because of its abundance of bioactive components, cedarwood essential oil is a one-stop shop for all of your hair problems. This oil, which is blessed with anti-microbial characteristics, not only enhances blood flow in the hairs but also shields against numerous hair infections and actively participates in collagen synthesis. It lowers hair thinning and treats alopecia and dandruff. The oil enhances hair texture, adds gloss, and promotes hair development when used frequently. It efficiently reduces stress and delays hair thinning and prematurely greying.

Where to Buy Bulk Cedar Leaf Essential Oil in the United States

There are numerous health advantages to this wonderfully scented medication. Bulk Cedar leaf oil is highly advantageous in increasing skin and hair health, improving respiratory health, easing painful situations, and treating stress and anxiety due to its powerful bioactive ingredients and an excellent set of Wholesale Essential Oils properties.

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FAQs about Cedar leaf oil

What is cedar leaf essential oil?

The wood chips or sawdust of the cedar tree are used to create cedarwood essential oil through steam distillation. There are numerous varieties of cedar trees, and each has a unique essential oil. Different essential oils can be utilised for various purposes since essential oils’ chemical constituents vary.

What is cedar leaf oil used for?

For thousands of years, cedar leaf oil has been utilised as a herbal treatment. It has been employed as an emmenagogue, a diuretic, an abortifacient, and a treatment for stomach issues. It is used as a vermifuge to kill parasites and is occasionally administered externally to treat arthritis pain.

How to make cedar leaf oil?

Take your steel pot, add the cedar leaves to about an inch of the bottom of the pot (cedar bark and berries are optional), and then place the can in the space between. Next, add more cedar leaves to the pot until it reaches the can’s height. Now fill the saucepan with 4 cups of distilled water, then turn on the flame to bring it to a boil.

What is cedar leaf essential oil good for?

It has been employed as an emmenagogue, a diuretic, an abortifacient, and a treatment for stomach issues. It is used as a vermifuge to kill parasites and is occasionally administered externally to treat arthritis pain.

Where can I buy cedar leaf oil?

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