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Smells like  having the first sip of lemonade on a hot sunny day

Made from bergamot orange fruit, it is one of the most common top note in perfumes. Italians have used this uplifting oil for years to rejuvenate skin and bring a sense calm. With a luxuriously uplifting fragrance, it is perfect to unwind and cozy up after a long day. It is often used in fragrances for both males and females.

It blends especially well with Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang

Aroma: citrusy, fruity, sweet, lively

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The seeds of the Bergamot Orange tree, which is primarily found in Southeast Asia, are used to make bergamot essential oil. It is well-known for its smoky, citrusy scent calming the body and mind. The main applications for bergamot oil are in personal care items like colognes, fragrances, toiletries, etc. It can also be thought of as one of the essential components used in cosmetic and skincare products. 

A strong and potent remedy is bergamot essential oil. It would be beneficial to apply it to your skin after diluting it with a carrier oil. Due to its therapeutic qualities, bergamot essential oil is also suitable for aromatherapy massage. Try & refrain from overusing it on the skin as this could result in photosensitivity. Wear sunscreen whenever you are outside when using bergamot oil in your skincare routine.

The analgesic qualities of organic bergamot essential oil make it useful for treating cysts, breakouts, and blackheads. It can also thoroughly cleanse your skin to get rid of pollutants and debris. You may therefore incorporate it right into your face cleansers and scrubs.

Bergamot Essential Oil Uses

Bug Repellent

Bergamot essential oil uses can ward off bugs and other flying creatures. To do that, mix the oil with water and pour it into a spray bottle to use as a general repellent for pesky insects like mosquitoes. 

Essential Oil for Massage

It is a perfect aromatherapy element because it can reduce anxiety and weariness. For optimum benefits, distribute Bergamot oil in a diffuser or inhale it straight after diluting it with water. 

Amazing Aroma

Bergamot oil has a revitalising aroma thanks to the ideal fusion of citrus and flowery components. As a result, you can also use it to create homemade colognes and fragrances. 

Making of Candles & Soap

Due to its wonderful perfume, use bergamot essential oil to create handmade scented candles and air fresheners. 

Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits

Treating a Sunburn 

Applying a mild version of this bergamot essential oil benefits to your skin will help if you have sunburns or skin rashes. Your skin will feel instantly relieved and soothed after using bergamot essential oil.


Your skin can be cleansed with bergamot essential oil benefits to getting rid of excess oils, debris, and toxins. By combining it with a suitable carrier oil, you may also create a natural DIY face cleanser. 

Overload Control

Natural decongestant properties of organic bergamot essential oil are demonstrated. Applying bergamot essential oil benefits to your chest, nose, and neck areas will help to clear out your nasal passages.


The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of bergamot oil make it useful for healing skin problems. Your creams, moisturisers, and lotions will work better if you add this oil to them.

Product Specifications

Botanical Name Citrus bergamia
Color Yellow green to yellowish brown
Odor Citrus and fruity
Blends well with Clary sage, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Rosemary
Origin Italy
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Source Fruit Peel

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What is bergamot essential oil good for?

High blood fat or cholesterol levels are treated with bergamot. There is no solid scientific evidence to support its usage for these additional diseases, which include anxiety, mental alertness, joint pain, and many others. Avoid mixing up bergamot with other citrus fruits like sweet and bitter oranges.

What does bergamot essential oil do?

The main point. According to research, the benefits of bergamot essential oils can lessen inflammation, lower cholesterol, and boost mood.

Is bergamot essential oil good for hair?

Bergamot essential oil benefits skin devotees (and those who enjoy hair with a delicate aroma) and vouch for this essential oil’s capacity to smooth and control curls.

What is bergamot essential oil used for?

High blood fat or cholesterol levels are treated with bergamot. There isn’t enough credible scientific data to support its usage for these additional problems, such as anxiety, mental alertness, joint pain, and many others.

Is bergamot essential oil good for skin?

Bergamot essential oil for high blood pressure contains a number of substances with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Because of this, bergamot oil may work well as a spot therapy for acne in those without sensitive skin.

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