Asafoetida Essential Oil

It is made with gum of asafoetida plant that grows widely in India. It has been used since centuries for its therapeutic properties. Also known as Hing, it is used almost daily in Indian households. It has a very strong, warm, spicy aroma.

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Hing Essential Oil is a highly practical and advantageous oil. It is derived from a little plant that proliferates erratically in India. India has always been exposed to its aroma. Due to its Strong Aroma, Hing has been utilised as a spice and flavouring. As an expectorant, pure Hing essential oil is utilised. Additionally, it shows to be a superb blood purifier. 

The Asafoetida Gum is steam distilled to produce Hing Essential Oil. Additionally, it has stimulating and carminative properties. Hing essential oil is naturally high in fiber. It has special qualities that are advantageous for human health, which is why it is employed extensively in Ayurvedic treatments. The treatment of metabolic problems is another use for it. 

Rich in antibacterial, antimicrobial, and carminative characteristics is our Best Hing Essential Oil. Our pure Hing essential oil is the perfect element for aromatherapists because of its powerful, energising aroma. 

Asafoetida Essential Oil Uses

Negates Zits 

Natural Hing essential oil keeps the skin moisturised and lessens acne and pimples. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory capabilities are responsible for this. Hing essential oil demonstrates its suitability as an ingredient in skincare and cosmetic products. 

Cares for Dry Hair 

Being a natural humectant, Hing essential oil can prove to be great for treating dry, brittle, and listless hair. Therefore, producers of shampoos and hair oils may choose to try our top-quality Hing essential oil. 

Detergent Production 

Antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial qualities of natural Hing essential oil are beneficial to the skin. When included in soaps, it protects your skin and provides a complete clean by removing any toxins, grime, and other debris that may be on your skin.

Excellent for Aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, pure Hing essential oil is used. It has several important qualities, including sedative ones that can help soothe the nerves and reduce stress and anxiety. It calms the nerves and guards against hysteria, despair, and frequent mood swings.

Insect-Repelling Candles

Natural Hinge Essential Oil has an overpowering, sulphurous scent. As a result, insects like bugs and mosquitoes tend to avoid them. Using Hing essential oil when manufacturing fragrant candles will stop pests or insects from getting inside.

Asafoetida Essential Oil Benefits

To Lose Weight 

You can diffuse our pure Hing essential oil in your room if you frequently feel hungry. It helps you maintain your weight and directly helps you regulate your hunger. It might assist you in overcoming obesity by boosting your energy. 

Cough Treatment 

Using organic Hing essential oil can aid with bronchitis, the common cold, and coughing. In times like this, it provides relief for the respiratory systems. It has strong stimulating properties that also help to relieve dry, itchy throat, colds, and coughs.

Reduces Muscle Pain

Muscle tension can be relieved with the use of our finest Hinge Essential Oil. Antispasmodic qualities help it relax tight muscles. It eases arthritis pain, muscle aches, seizures, and other epileptic episodes. To achieve greater effects, regularly apply the oil.

Minimises Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory qualities of natural Hing essential oil are good for our skin. As a result, asafoetida oil benefits and also help to alleviate pain and inflammation. Additionally, it relieves rashes and skin ulcers. It functions as the perfect component in antibacterial creams and lotions.


Botanical Name Ferula asa-foetida L.
Color Pale yellow to dark yellow
Odour Pungent, savoury, metallic
Blends well with Basil, Garlic. Cardamom
Origin Egypt
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Source Stem/Root

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What is Asafoetida Oil?

The Ferula Asafoetida, a member of the Umbel lifer’s family, is the source of Hing (asafoetida) oil. The process of steam distillation is used to get it. Bulk asafoetida essential oil often has a light to dark yellow liquid colour.

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