Aniseed Essential Oil

Highly used in the food industry for candies, baked goods, etc. An excellent anti-oxidant, it is also used in skincare products. It is also known for its antispasmodic properties.

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Anise Essential Oil

The perfume of anise essential oil is distinctly similar to that of black licorice. Despite the fact that you might not enjoy black licorice, adding a drop or two of anise seed essential oil can significantly improve a bland blend. Blends for diffusers and inhalers that treat bronchitis, colds, and the flu can benefit from its use. It is believed to stimulate menstruation and aid in the production of breast milk, although it should be used cautiously and avoided in cases of oestrogen-dependent malignancies. The unique scent of black licorice can be found in anise essential oil. Regardless of whether you enjoy black licorice or not, adding a drop or two of anise seed essential oil will significantly improve a bland combination. Blends for diffusers and inhalers that treat bronchitis, colds, and the flu can make used of it to assist relieve symptoms.

Anise Essential Oil Uses

Anise Star Oil for Making Soap

Soapmaking is the first use that comes to mind when thinking of anise star essential oil for skin applications. Many producers are seeking anise essential oil benefits to infusing scent into their products without the inclusion of hazardous toxins and irritants in response to the growing demand for natural soaps. A fantastic substitute is essential oils, which have strong fragrances.

To create a fantastic, long-lasting scent throw, only a small quantity is required. Particularly star anise essential oil gives a sweet, spicy aroma in addition to its antifungal qualities. This makes it a fantastic addition to naturally produced, organic soaps.

  • Aniseed Essential Oil and aniseed itself are frequently employed as flavouring ingredients because of their sweet, fragrant taste.
  • It is most frequently used as a flavouring in liqueurs, alcohol, gelatins, different candies, mints, chewing gum, and dairy goods.
  • Aniseed Essential Oil is frequently used for cosmetic items like shampoos, conditioners, creams, soaps, and perfumes to give them a richer and more potent aroma.
  • Aniseed Essential Oil is frequently used to treat nervous illnesses and panic attacks because of its potent ability to reduce anxiety.

Anise Essential Oil Benefits

Digestive Problems

Since ancient times, anise has been used as a supplement to help to digest after meals. Anise-flavoured desserts were frequently served in ancient Greece after a substantial meal or feast. Anise is employed as a source of fibre in conventional Middle Eastern medicine, where it is said to lessen gas and bloating.

Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Anise oil (200 mg, three times daily for four weeks) significantly reduced the symptoms of IBS, including reflux, bloat, and stomach pain, when compared to peppermint oil and a placebo.

Weak Endorse

The use of anise for any of the ailments listed in this section is not supported by any reliable clinical research. The list of recent animal studies, cell-based studies, and subpar clinical trials that should prompt more research is provided below. However, you shouldn’t use them to mean that a health benefit is supported.


Anise is believed to uplift the mood and warm the spirit in conventional Persian medicine. In a study involving 120 IBS patients, those who took daily supplements of anise oil for four weeks experienced fewer depressive symptoms than those who took peppermint oil or a placebo. However, because of the poor quality of this study, we are unable to make any conclusive statements.

Where to Buy Anise Essential Oil Online United States

Buy anise essential oil, also known for Pimpinella anisum, star anise, and sweet cumin are other names for extraordinary oil. The perennial herb is known as anise, or aniseed is the source of wholesale essential oils (Pimpinella anisum). Anise has been used as a spice and flavouring ingredient for numerous cuisines and drinks since ancient times. Anise oil is beneficial for wrinkles because of its antioxidant characteristics. Additionally, it is used to flavour liquors. Anise is also used as a digestive aid and mouth freshener in India and a few other nations. This herb’s therapeutic benefits were well-known in ancient INDIA, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Shop anise essential oil, and pure anise oil from BP directly from the Aromachology USA manufacturer, supplier, or exporter.  Find your favourite anise essential oil wholesale for aromatherapy, candlemaking, soapmaking, and perfumery in our online catalogue at discount prices.


How to use anise essential oil?

For sore, aching muscles and to relieve tightness, diffuse, dilute, or add to a bath. Aniseed essential oil provides aromatherapeutic advantages for easing the symptoms of asthma, colds, and sinuses as well as for preventing nausea and vomiting. Anethole, a potent antiviral ingredient, is found in Bulk essential oils.

What does anise essential oil smell like?

Strongly liquorice-like, spicy-sweet, pungent, warm, and with a deep balsamic-woody undertone.

What is anise essential oil good for?

Aniseed Essential Oil is frequently used in the treatment of ailments like rheumatism and arthritis since it is effective at relieving joint and muscle discomfort. It has potent antibacterial qualities, making it useful for treating minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises while promoting wound healing.

What is anise essential oil used for?

Aniseed Essential Oil relieves joint and muscular discomfort and is commonly used in the treatment of illnesses such as arthritis and rheumatism.

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