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Hazelnut oil provides excellent moisturizing and skin softening benefits along with rapid absorption, making it exceptional for facial treatments. It is a great moisturizer and protects against moisture loss. When used as a carrier oil in aromatherapy massage. Hazelnut essential oil provides excellent lubrication without feeling excessively oily.

It can also be used as a skin serum, which helps to regenerate cells, tighten and tone skin and strengthen surface capillaries. Therefore, it will be a great choice for oily and acne-prone skin types.

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Raw hazelnuts are used to make hazelnut flavour oil. It has a distinctive flavour that is nutty, roasted, and earthy. Its aftertaste has faint traces of creamy and musty flavours. Due to the fact that this edible hazelnut flavouring oil is made from organic hazelnuts, it is frequently used. Organic hazelnut oil wholesale has a distinct aroma that brings out the best in food. Even when used at extremely high temperatures, Natural Hazelnut Flavoring Oil maintains its authentic aroma and flavour.

Because the flavour of hazelnut flavoured oil resembles actual hazelnuts in some ways, it is used to flavour milkshakes, ice cream, cakes, sweets, sherbet, and other foods. It is utilised in numerous drinks and foods because of its distinctive nutty, roasted, and creamy flavour. Because of its stability, the Richness of Hazelnut Super Strength Flavored Oil is used in a wide range of food products and is appropriate for baking, frying, and even freezing.

Due to the fact that its flavours do not deteriorate when combined with other components, hazelnut flavour oil is soluble with both water and oil-based products. Only a few drops of organic hazelnut oil wholesale flavouring agent are needed to give your food items the desired flavour because the hazelnut flavouring oil is very concentrated. Oil with a hazelnut flavour does not include any extra sugar, fat, or carbohydrate. Additionally, it doesn’t include any artificial components, making it safe to consume.


Botanical Name Corylus avellana
Color Off white to brown
Origin USA
Extraction Method Cold-pressed
Source Seed

Hazelnut Oil Uses

Chocolates & Candies 

Organic hazelnut oil wholesale a smooth and velvety flavour of food grade In order to flavour chocolates and candies, hazelnut flavouring oil is frequently utilised. This flavour oil is also used to make hard candies, lollipop sticks, candy floss, and other confections since it prolongs the flavour of the confections.

Sweets & Treats

Products like marshmallows, chocolate chips, ice cream, wafers, and other confections are made with a balanced flavour of organic hazelnut oil wholesale. Gourmet foods are prepared by professional chefs using Hazelnut flavour oil of the highest quality.


Natural sweetness characterises hazelnut flavour oil, which is used to flavour delicacies like hazelnut bars, cookies, dry fruit pies, etc. Richness is added to the pastries by the natural Hazelnut high strong oil’s creamy and buttery flavours.

Bakery Products 

Pure Hazelnut flavouring oil is used to give bakery emulsions such as cakes, pastries, tarts, icing, and fondants the flavour of real hazelnuts. The hazelnut flavour is a favourite among professional bakers because it contains no artificial components. 

Drinks & Liqueurs 

100% natural sweetener Since hazelnut flavouring oil has a very deep flavour that makes the food items enticing and attractive, it is frequently used in shakes, sherbet, smoothies, frappes, etc. Cocktails and alcoholic beverages go well with it. 

Hazelnut Oil Benefits

Ability to Blend Well 

Hazelnut oil benefits strength oil’s formulation is created in a way that makes it easily soluble with both oil- and water-based components. In either aqueous or solid matter, hazelnut flavouring oil retains its original flavour and colour. 


Due to its adaptability, food-grade hazelnut flavour oil can be utilised in a wide variety of goods. Pure Hazelnut flavouring oil makes it simple to add the flavour and scent of real Hazelnuts to a variety of goods. 

Completely Food Grade 

Since there are no chemically infused components in natural hazelnut flavouring oil, it is completely edible and safe to consume. Due to its organic origins, it doesn’t even include any additional additives, preservatives, or fillers. 

Efficacious Flavoring Compound 

Only a few drops of hazelnut flavouring oil are needed to give any product the creamy texture of genuine hazelnuts because of its potent flavour. Due to its intense nature, this flavouring agent can be used sparingly.

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What is hazelnut oil used for?

A device known as a press is used to extract the liquid known as hazelnut oil from a hazelnut. It is frequently employed in cooking and salad dressings. 

How long does hazelnut oil last?

When kept in the refrigerator, hazelnut oil normally lasts for around 8 months after opening. Hazelnut oil may cloud over and harden when refrigerated, but quality and flavour are unaffected; once the oil reaches room temperature, it will resume its regular consistency and colour.

Does hazelnut oil clog pores?

Since hazelnut oil is non-comedogenic, it won’t clog your pores, which is good news for anyone with oily or acne-prone hazelnut oil for skin. Natural astringents have the ability to gently put moisture back into the face while also removing oil from the skin and eradicating germs that can cause acne.

Is hazelnut oil comedogenic?

It has natural astringent characteristics that will gently replenish moisture to the skin while also removing oil from the skin and killing germs that can cause acne.

Is hazelnut oil good for hair?

Yes, Hazelnut oil is frequently applied to hair to help with scalp and hair issues. Hazelnut Oil protects fragile, damaged hair from further harm and nourishes it. Also, hazelnut oil for cooking is beneficial.

Is hazelnut oil good for skin?

Vitamin E-rich and skin-friendly hazelnuts can be applied for good results.

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