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Aromachology cold-pressed bitter almond oil is used to soothe skin and enhance the natural glow. It also balances the absorption of moisture and water loss. Essential Oil Wholesaler is one of the leading suppliers of cold-pressed bitter almond oil at wholesale prices. Our certified natural bitter almond oil is one of the best carrier oils for essential oils as well as for various DIY recipes.


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Almonds, the best in dry fruit items; are pressed to create oil of bitter almond massage oil, preserving most of the necessary nutrients. Almonds are a nutrient-dense food because they include fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A, and Omega-3. Proteins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and zinc are also abundant. This oil’s high vitamin content makes it very nourishing and moisturising, which helps to lessen stretch marks, dryness, and dullness.

Almond Body Massage Oil’s DHA and EPA ingredients nourish the skin, enhance complexion, and bring back its natural radiance. Its emollient qualities allow the skin to retain more moisture while preventing the loss of its natural moisture. Additionally, these qualities enhance skin tone. The usage of oil massages is very advantageous because of these advantages. Oil massages are extremely useful for the scalp and the overall body because of these advantages.

Almond massage oil is endowed naturally with its powerful antioxidant capabilities, minerals, vitamins, and other elements that support healthy blood circulation. When used for aromatherapy massage, organic almond oil reduces joint pain, stiffness, and muscular strain. Because it relieves stress, despair, and anxiety, it also serves as a cure for tension. Since it was prepared with exclusively natural oils, this massage oil of bitter almond is a standard base oil that many therapists use. It does not irritate the skin because it is non-allergic.

Top Uses of Bitter Almond Oil

Could Prevent Bacterial Spread

The bitter substances, such as quinine, have traditionally been employed as febrifuges from ancient times. It might be because all bitter substances contain alkaline chemicals, which are generally hazardous. This toxicity and bitterness efficiently stop the development of bacterial, protozoal, or viral illnesses in the body, which lowers fever. For the same reason, bitter almond essential oil has also been used as a febrifuge for recurrent fevers in very small dosages. Although effective in terms of reducing fever, such applications might have their own negative and toxic effects on the body.

Potentially Kill Bacteria

Hydrogen, cyanide, and benzaldehyde, the two components of bitter almond oil, are exceedingly hazardous to all forms of life, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As a result, it works well as a bactericide, antiviral, and fungicidal agent. It can be used to treat illnesses brought on by bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases.

Possibility Of A Soothing Effect

Bitter almond oil contains the poisonous chemical glycoside amygdalin, which may disrupt nerves and render them insensitive to all types of sensations, including pain. This has anaesthetic and numbing effects. It should only be used externally for local anaesthesia, though. Total anaesthesia via ingestion is dangerous and should never be attempted.

Potentially A Successful Purgative

Bitter almond essential oil is toxic by nature and cannot be digested; if consumed, it will result in frequent bowel movements and vomiting. Consequently, it has been and continues to be used as a potent purgative (Aperient). The only requirement is that the dose administered be very small and light, as otherwise serious side effects could result.

Uses Apart

Applying very low concentration (very mild) mixes with water to the skin and hair may prevent bacterial, fungal, and insect diseases. After the harmful elements have been removed, bitter almond oil is used to flavour foods. It is also employed for flavouring in a variety of sectors.

Bitter Almond Oil Benefits

Circulation of Blood is Activated

Bitter almond oil benefits for skin massage which promotes healthy skin, enhances blood circulation, reduces oxidative stress, and calms muscle spasms, and inflammation. Your blood circulation will increase and your hair will grow more healthily if you massage your scalp.

Higher Heart Health

Your bloodstream helps your heart work hard to provide oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Heart health is a serious issue since it has a direct bearing on how effectively your body operates. Thankfully, eating bitter almond oil benefits has been associated with improved heart health.

Blood Sugar Management

The glucose in your blood that assists in supplying energy to your cells is referred to as “blood sugar” in medical terminology. You must control your blood sugar levels if you want your body to function properly and if you want to lower your chance of developing diabetes and heart disease. Diabetes sufferers must pay special attention to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Hydrating Attributes

Bitter almond oil benefits contains emollient qualities that make it good for skin applications. Due to these qualities, almond oil gradually smoothes and softens skin. As a result, almond oil is a common ingredient in skin-cleansing, bath oil, and lipstick products. Achieving smooth and supple skin can be supported by using products that contain almond oil or by directly applying the oil to your skin.

Product Specifications

Botanical Name Prunus dulcis (Mill) var. Amara
Origin USA
Extraction Method Cold -pressed
Source Kernels

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can I use bitter almond oil on my face

The increased permeability of bitter almond wholesale carrier oils when utilised on the face, as well as its vitamin A content, helps to get rid of dead skin, clean the pores of the face from dirt, oils, and cosmetics substances, and reduce the effects of acne Youths. The oil of bitter almond also wants to clean the surface and restricts the image of acne.

How to Use Bitter Almond Oil?

The usage of bitter almonds for ailments including stretch marks, spasms, soreness, and coughing is common, but there isn’t any solid scientific proof to back it up. Using bitter almonds might be dangerous as well.

How to use bitter almond oil for hair

You can rub a small bit of almond oil between your palms while applying it to your hair. Give your hair’s ends additional attention if you want to boost lustre and softness. After styling your hair, massage the oil into the hair shaft’s tip and let it there.

Is bitter almond oil dangerous?

Bitter almond oil wholesale might not be harmful. It contains the toxic chemical hydrogen cyanide (HCN), which can have fatal adverse effects like slowing the neurological system and respiratory issues.

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