Champaca White Floral Absolute Oil

Aromachology is a natural essential oils wholesaler and provides high-quality essential oils at wholesale
rates. Champaca is a flowering plant that belongs to the Magnoliales family. It has several other names
such as Champaca flower, Champak Sapu, Frangipani.
This absolute oil is known for its amazingly charming aroma and plays a significant role in the perfume
industry where it is used as a key ingredient in the production of exotic perfumes and scents. It is also
extensively used in aromatherapy techniques for wonderful soothing and calming properties which
provides relief psychological pain and stress by revitalizing your mind as well as your body.

10 ml / 0.3 oz
30 ml / 1.01 oz
100 ml / 3.39 oz
1 L / 33.8 oz


100% Natural



Solvent extracted



1 L / 33.8 oz, 10 ml / 0.3 oz, 100 ml / 3.39 oz, 30 ml / 1.01 oz

Uses and Benefits of Champaca White Floral Absolute Oil:

Uses and Benefits of Champaca White Floral Absolute Oil:
 Suppressing of Menstrual Pains
 Diabetes Treatment
 Reduces stress
 Aid for Respiratory Problems
 Treats illness conditions linked to the behavioral capacity