Anise Oil

A few drops of this oil can uplift an otherwise dull blend. It is also used in inhalers to cure bronchitis, cold, flu, and asthma.

Aroma: Rich, Sweet,  A lot like black licorice

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10 ml / 0.3 oz
30 ml / 1.01 oz
100 ml / 3.39 oz
1 L / 33.8 oz
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100% Natural


Helps treat bronchitis, cold, and flu

Eases muscle aches


1 L / 33.8 oz, 10 ml / 0.3 oz, 100 ml / 3.39 oz, 30 ml / 1.01 oz

How to use

Fill your home with nature’s scent

Add a few drops to your diffuser with water to uplift and transform your space.