Angelica Root Absolute Oil

A precious floral absolute with infinite therapeutic properties, angelica floral absolute oil. An elixir for building immunity, angelica absolutely helps fight bodily infections. It nourishes the body from the inside out.

It has a very pleasant aroma and is a popular choice in the perfumery and fragrance industries. Essentialoilwholesaler is one of the leading suppliers of angelica root absolute.

Aroma: fresh, peppery, woody, and herbaceous

Benefits of angelica root absolute:

  1. Treats respiratory illness
  2. Natural remedy for indigestion
  3. Removes toxins
  4. Reduces depression, anxiety and calms the mind
10 ml / 0.3 oz
30 ml / 1.01 oz
100 ml / 3.39 oz
1 L / 33.8 oz


100% Natural


Solvent extracted



1 L / 33.8 oz, 10 ml / 0.3 oz, 100 ml / 3.39 oz, 30 ml / 1.01 oz

How to use

Fill your home with nature’s scent

Add a few drops to your diffuser with water to uplift and transform your space.