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Leading essential oil wholesaler and supplier. Buy essential oils in bulk at best prices- crafted in India

At aromochology, we strive to balance our mind, body & soul through natural essential oils, absolute oils and cold pressed carrier oils.  With a wide collection of oils we are determined to offer something for every need.

We serve our customers with a promise of best prices and unmatchable quality of natural products all the way from India.

We are one of the best essential oil wholesale supplier, and manufacturer  and floral absolutes bulk supplier. We also offer natural cold-pressed carrier oils and floral waters for aromatherapy, soap making, candle making, they are also great as perfume supplies, natural skincare supplies and much more. We provide wholesale essential oils for resale and pure floral absolutes for perfumes. All our products are certified and 100% natural. 

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Amazing natural essential oils by aromachology. Received great quality of essential oils and absolutes. Everything was beautifully packed. I always love the wide variety of products they offer. I was searching for pure and natural oils when I came across aromachology- essential oil wholesaler and now I buy natural aroma oils in bulk from them.

Promise of purity in every drop


Historically proven benefits of essential oils


Health, skin & hair benefits of essential oils          

Natural essential oils boost immunity and even prevent infections. They are also used in alternative medicines to help ease pain in various parts of the body. Pure and certified therapeutic grade essential oils are full of antioxidants which balance hormones. They improve overall well-being and improve sleep. 

Natural essential oils also have tremendous benefits for hair and skin. Oils like tea tree and rosemary essential oil fight acne and prevent build up of infections on skin. Other natural essential oils and absolute oils add a beautiful glow on the skin and even out skin tone. Various potent natural essential oils are used to prevent hairfall and premature greying of hair. 

Due to these enormous benefits, natural essential oils are the most widely used ingredient in skincare, natural cosmetics, like moisturizers, lotions, serums etc. Wondering where to buy aromatherapy and perfume supplies in bulk at wholesale prices?  Aromachology- Essential Oil Wholesaler is a renowned name in the industry for the last 18 years and a famous company that supplies top quality and best ingredients for aromatherapy, perfumery, cosmetics, skincare, sanitizers, cleaners, spas, hotels etc. 

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With our world-class manufacturing plants, we promise best quality 100% natural and certified  Essential Oils Absolutes, Carrier oils and Attars.